Deep-fried Camembert cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan chips, served with lettuce, assorted vegetables, and raspberry - honey sauce  5,95
Garlic bread with hot cheese sauce  3,90
Lettuce with Feta cheese, curd mousse, olives, and balsamic vinegar - mustard sauce  4,50
Caesar salad, grilled chicken fillet, garlic toast, anchovy sauce, Parmesan cheese  6,60
Caesar salad, tiger shrimp, garlic toast, anchovy sauce, Parmesan cheese  7,50
Hot chicken salad with snow peas, yellow beans, lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, and spicy sesame seed oil  6,20
Tartar trio – salmon, tuna and ostrich with quail egg, capers, red onion, chopped greens, and airy mustard sauce  8,50
Grilled salmon salad with avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, pickled onions, “Parmesan” - nori crisp and sweet & sour mango sauce  6,80


Creamy salmon soup with carrots, leek, and batata  6,00
Japanese soup “ramen”, egg noodles, chicken, “phok choi” cabbage, coriander, vegetables 5,90
Pumpkin and Jerusalem artichoke cream soup with butter fried boletus and black truffle oil 5,60
Spicy veal soup with vegetables, tomatoes and cayenne pepper 6,00

Vegetarian dishes

Potato “gnocchi” with sun-dried tomatoes, pumpkin, fresh spinach leaves, dill and parmesan  5,80
Vegetable wok with shiitake mushrooms, champignons, and egg noodles  7,20
Buddha bowl with fresh and fried vegetables, quinoa, kale cabbage, chickpeas peas and avocado  6,80

Main dishes

Dredged and fried Baltic herring fillets served with sautéed seasonal vegetables and mustard purée  7,15
Oven baked salmon with pearl barley, pumpkin, and Jerusalem artichoke
purée, buttered asparagus, yellow beet chips, and citrus foam
Sautéed mussels in tomato- garlic and “Zoltners” beer sauce, served with rice noodles or french fries  8,90
Fried Gilt-Head Bream fillet, parsnip - garlic purée, sesame- carrot salad, saffron lentils, and burnt red onions  9,50
Fried pork steak, dried onions – mashed potatoes, horseradish cream  7,90
Slowly cooked chicken breast with parsnip puree and fried cabbage - carrot salad  7,90
Lightly fried pork fillet with spicy tomato-carrot sauce and fried potato slices;
served with lettuce-vegetable salad
Beef fillet steak with cauliflower cream, butter-fried vegetables, asparagus and raspberry - chili sauce  19,95
Veal cheeks in pepper bullion sauce served with batata, parmesan, Turkish peas, spinach, avocado, and lime  8,90


Chilled strawberry - vanilla cream cake with white chocolate and berry sauce  
Hot chocolate fondant with homemade vanilla - cinnamon ice cream served in filo dough basket with raspberry sauce  
Curd “Pavlova” with fresh berries and cherry sauce  
Fresh blueberry cheesecake with berry foam and vanilla sauce  
Hot chocolate fondant with homemade vanilla - cinnamon ice cream served in filo dough basket with raspberry sauce  4,60


Sake hot masago roll (Hot roll – Salmon, Masago caviar, Avocado, Cream cheese, Karai sauce) 7,90
Poky maki (Tempura vegetables, Cream cheese, Karai sauce, Mango-Chilli sauce)  4,50
Bokka maki (Salmon, Bacon, Mayonnaise, Avocado, homemade Teriyaki, Mango-chilli sauce)  6,50
Philadelphia maki (Salmon, Cream cheese, Avocado, Cucumber, Wakame, Shiitake, Sesame seeds, homemade Teriyaki sauce) 8,20
Tidzu ebi maki (Hot roll – Shrimp, Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado, Cream cheese, Mayonnaise) 7,50
Samurai roll (Salmon, Tempura shrimp, Avocado, Cream cheese, homemade Teriyaki, side of spicy vegetables) 9,50